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A massive number of early-2011 MacBook Pro owners with AMD graphics are having issues with system crashes and hardware problems, with failure rates reaching a critical mass in recent weeks.

According to an enormous, 157-page thread on the Apple Support Communities, a number of early-2011 MacBook Pro owners began having problems with the AMD discrete graphics cards inside their laptops. The troubles began appear to have begun in February 2013, but activity in the support thread has really escalated over the last few weeks.

It’s a bad situation, and frankly, the issue seems obvious: It’s a heating issue, to which Macs have always been susceptible. It seems, however, that early-2011 MacBook Pros are particularly prone to this issue. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about it, unless Apple institutes a replacement program: The only way to fix the issue right now is to swap the logic board on your machine, which is an extremely expensive upgrade.

Since this is a problem that affects more than a few isolated cases. I’d also like to reach out to any bloggers for you to consider writing about it these issues, even if there has been no word from Apple on the subject— in fact, especially since there has been no word. In many sectors, a Mac has become the de facto tool of the trade, and ongoing quality issues— like this failure, and the nearly identical failure of the previous year’s models— must be scrutinized.

(Source: twitter.com)